Corporate Law

Corporate Law


Incorporating your business can be a challenging task. There are a number of very important decisions to make and I can help you make the right ones.  You need to consider share structures, loans, taxes, and many other things.  

Shareholder Agreements

Writing a well put together Shareholder Agreement can avoid a fight down the road and alleviate a great deal of stress in the event of a sale. Let me help you ensure your business relationships remain in tact and your rights are protected. 

Custom Contracts

We make contracts everyday but often don't always put the clear thought into them that we should. Ensuring you have a well written agreement could save you a lengthy legal battle down the road or give you the assurance you need to proceed comfortably for a long lasting business relationship. No matter what industry you are in, I can help draft an agreement that will ensure the important things are dealt with.  

Corporate Resolutions and By-Laws

Corporations pass resolutions in order to formally carry out certain activities. There are many situations that require certain types of  resolutions to be properly drafted to be effective by statute. I can help make sure this is done right.  

Minute Book Management

Keeping a Minute Book that holds all of your corporate records is a requirement.  Many resolutions and minutes are required to be kept per year. We can take the headache this can cause away by managing this for you. 

Purchase and Sale (Assets and Shares)

Selling or buying a business is one of the most important and complicated decisions and processes you can undertake. We can help insure that you have the advice you need.  

Commercial Leases
We can draft and review your commercial leases.