Hans A. Klohn

Hans A. Klohn
Sole Practitioner

Hans is a dedicated lawyer with a passion for the law. Hans has dealt with matters in the Superior Court of Justice and Ontario Court of Appeal. Hans has a Masters in Law from Osgoode Hall.Hans moved to Ontario to focus on his career after earning his education and met his wife and had his first child here.

I grew up in the Eastern part of Canada in New Brunswick.  I have lived overseas and have been constantly learning since I began post secondary education.  I moved to Ontario to focus on my career after earning my education. I met wife and had my first child here . 

 I work hard in solving clients problems and meeting their objectives.  I am always eager to help and look forward to meeting new people , which is why I got into this profession.  

Below is a summary of my education.  Email or call me and I would be pleased to assist you.  

  • Bachelor of Business Administration Degree
  • Bachelor of Laws Degree
  • Masters of Law Degree
  • Law Society of Ontario Member
  • ADR Certificate from the ADR Institute of Ontario
  • Ontario Bar Association Member