Making a will is important but you should get advice

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Is having a will really important or necessary?

The Succession Law Reform Act  determines what happens when you pass away intestate (without a will).  If you want to leave certain things to certain people , often called "gifts" or "bequests", then this will not provide adequate protection.  

Estate Law can be very challenging to navigate and there is a great deal of important things that you may want to consider when making a will.  

Getting sound legal advice ensures your families future is properly planned.  This article highlights-

the importance of having a will. 

What are the requirements of a will to be valid?

A will must be signed and dated in front of 2 witnesses and  there are a variety of exclusions a to who can act as a witness. A will also has other formal requirements.  

You should always contact a lawyer to assist you with your wills.  This article is general information and does not constitute legal advice.  Please consult a lawyer.