Changing your will and keeping it updated is very important

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Is changing your will important?

The simple answer is , yes. Ensuring that your will is updated is very important. Family dynamics change all the time. People marry, divorce, have children, and all of these things can impact your will in some instances.  This can cause rifts in families and in some unfortunate cases- legal battles over estates.   Consult a lawyer, like me, to change your will and get the advice you need.  To highlight the importance of changing your will,here is an article.

How do you (I) change your will? 

A minor change in a will can be done by what is called "a codicil".   There are important formal requirements and you should consult a wills and estates lawyer about the issue. 

When should I change my will? 

You should change your will as soon as possible when something new occurs that would affect either the executor or the beneficiaries or both. If all of these terms seem confusing, then you should consult a lawyer, like myself.  You should consult a lawyer about any change to your will.